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Basic to Basic Leveling Guide!

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Posted 06 August 2017 - 05:58 AM

Hi I wanted to make this leveling guide soon as possible and so here it is to anyone who is new on Valor-RO

1. talk to Mrs. Anggie and read the rules ( you probably wont but okay ) get your freebies
p.s she'll boost you to the point you can just job change.

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2. start off with picking a job you desire, the npc is next to Mrs.Anggie there are 11 classes
to choose from ( summoner being created as a summoner class imidiately ), as for STATS just
keep your DEX near your Base Level that way you wont have HIT issues.

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3. Talk to the Newbie Supplier and get a starting weapon for your class and don't forget to equip
it and then talk to the Newbie Refiner ( sick +10 weapon )

Posted ImagePosted Image

4. Head out of the map ( or just @go 0 ) talk to the town helper ( Heal w/ Buffs ) and head to
Payon Dungeon and start grinding your EXP, as for skills i suggest getting your Offensive Skills!
you can kill the undead monsters with Heal just be sure you have NoShift on ( /ns <- command for NoShift )
Keep grinding on Payon Dungeon until Base Level 30 once you've reach that level you can head back
to Prontera ( or wherever your save point is ). Now you got some Offensive Skills head to Orc Dungeon
you can grind on orc dungeon till you reach job 50!

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5. Once you're job 50, get your skills consume those sick 49 Skill Points to your desired Skills

and head over to the Job Master ( from where you start of or the Main Office ) Select the

2nd Job of your desire.

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6. Now Head Back to Orc Dungeon ( yes AGAIN ) keep grinding till you've reach Base Level 71!!

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7. Once you're 71 head to Eden ( or @go Eden ) talk to Secretary Lime Evenor and join the Eden Group.
Go talk to Instructor Ur ( choose "what are you doing here" and "okay ill try" ) since you're 71
he'll send you to Glast Heim St.Abbey to hunt 20 Wraiths and 10 Evil Druids.

Posted Image Posted Image

8. Before you head off to Glast Heim get some board quest! they are in the right side of the NPC's

choose Glast Heim and look at that Evil Druids & Wraith quest what a coincidence, get both of them

no need to get the others i guess if you want to its fine your choice.

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9. Head to Glast Heim and Choose St.Abbey, once you've arrived at St.Abbey head out the Portal
you'll find Dispatched Instructor Johan she'll give you the first of two quest which is to hunt 20 Wraiths, Go
inside St.Abbey and start killing 10 Evil druid / 10 Wraith first ( Bring green potions these guys will blind you 24/7 if you dont have flee )
once you've hunted the first 10 Evil Druid / Wraith head back to Eden and turn in them in the board for EXP!
my advice just turn in the evil druid first then retake it, once you've retaken it turn in the wraiths quest.

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10. Head back to Glast Heim again hunt the 10 remaining wraiths and evil druids you can check it through Alt+U to open the Quest Tab

once you've finish the first 20 wraiths head back to Instructor Johan she'll give you EXP and ask you to Kill 10 evil druids.

once you're done with the 10 evil druids head back to Johan she'll congratulate you for finishing the task and ask you to head back to

Eden to talk with Instructor Ur.

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11. Talk to Instructor Ur he'll congratulate you and ask you to talk to Blacksmith Thorn and get your Equipment
talk to Blacksmith Thorn and choose the option "give me new equipment" and "i have enough space" and you can choose the weapon of your
choice if the option appears for you, you now have a decently better set that you can use for a while, talk to Weapon Expert BK
he'll buff your weapon with 3% ATK or MATK.

Posted Image
Posted Image

12. Head back to Ur and ask for the next training! he'll send you to Ice Dungeon to kill Siroma's, lets not forget board quest!

choose the 91-99 board quest choose "Rachel/Veins" and you'll see Siroma get the quest and also get the Glast Heim quest

take everything Dark Priest / Injustice / Rybio.

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13. Now head to ice dungeon talk to the Dispatched Instructor she'll ask you to kill the first 30 Siroma! ( don't turn them in just finish it )

Posted Image

14. Head to Glast Heim Underground Prison start hunting Injustice & Rybio 30 of each fairly easy to say the least

once you've finished Injustice and Rybio head to Glast Heim Churchyard ( P.S if you have any undead/shadow armor better wear them here )

now you hunt 30 Dark Priest ( hope you have ASPERSIO you're gonna need it ) you'll be going back to town mostly cause of dark breath

& undead attribute change, so get your shadow armor if you have one if not just keep going spam skills on Dark Priest doesn't matter just

kill them fast as possible simple as that ( if a book drops keep it its for rideword hat if you plan to make one ).

Posted Image Posted Image

15. Once you've finish most of the following.
Siroma quest 30/30 ( dispatched instructor )
Siroma quest 30/30 ( eden board )
Injustice quest 30/30 ( eden board )
Rybio quest 30/30 ( eden board )
Dark Priest 30/30 ( eden board )
Note "i repeat and say DO NOT TURN THEM IN no matter what!!"
if you have all the following quest ready to be turned in you must have realized you're either 99/50 or 99/70 or 99/99

16.Congratulations you are now 1 step closer to Transcendent/Rebirth ( for the Original 6 ) as for the Special

Classes ( Ninja/Gunslinger/Super Novice ) once you've reach 99/70 ( for Ninja/Gunslinger ) and 99/99 ( for Super Novice )

maybe you noticed or maybe not i didn't mention Soul Linker / Star Gladiator as they will have their own 2nd Job as it was Leaked

you may still go make one and level them to 99/50 but that's as far as they will go.

Go to the JOB MASTER in the Main Office and Rebirth ( do not turn in the quest im telling you DO NOT turn them in yet )

congratulations you are now a rebirth class or 2nd Expanded class ( rebel / kagerou / oboro / Expanded Super Novice )

Posted ImagePosted Image

17.From here you are a HIGH NOVICE and you'll actually have to kill to reach job 10 this time head to Payon Dungeon kill a zombie or something

once you're job 10 head to the job master and job change to HIGH < Insert Class Here >, you can now use a field manual to rush a bit of experience

do step 4 again till you reach job 50 then head back to the job master and job change to your transcendent class.

Posted Image

18. Now you're a transcendent class head to ice dungeon turn in the Siroma Quest to Dispatched Instructor Naomi, then head to Eden and turn in
everything from 91-99 Board Quest ( it'll turn in once since you'll be base 91 you'll have to turn in the quest manually from here )
congratulations you are now 99/70 talk to the job master and change to 3rd job!!

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19. While you're in the Main Office talk to Knight Krieger he'll give you 10 Gold coins, Odin's Blessing, Vidar's Boots & Vali's Manteau Equip Set

your specific 3rd job headgear, Green Apple Ring and a Weapon Ticket ( can be used on @go mall beginer weapon NPC )

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And so ends your race from 1 to 99~
Good Luck B) B) B)
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Posted 06 August 2017 - 01:06 PM

this is awesome guide, gold coin bag await for your my dear !

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