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#95 Mini-Games : Malangdo Fishing Event

Posted by Valor on 05 June 2017 - 10:51 AM

Mini-Games : Malangdo Fishing Event
 School of Fish will spawn randomly on north west Malangdo. Required Fishing Rod in inventory and Earthworn as fishing bait.
You can rent fishing rod 500.000z for 3 days and buy fishing bait for 50.000z each at Fishing Master (malangdo,123,194)

Posted Image

Objective of Malangdo Fishing Event is to catch Big Fish with 2% chance. Catching Big Fish give you 1 fishing point, 1 Mission Point (increase Ambassador Rank), and 1 Mission Ticket. Once you reach 10 fishing point, you will be rewarded 1 Fisherman Hat and 1 Bag of Gold Coins.
Fisherman Hat reduce your fishing loading time by 5s.

Every fishing attempt has chance to get:
Low - up to 1% chance: Highest Weapon Box | Mystery Hat Box | Price of Hero | High Weapon box | WoE Weapon Box | Poison Bottle Box50

More than 5% chance: Game Box | Taming Gift Set | Jewelry Box | Warped Mask | OPB | OBB | Gift Box | Earthworm
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#99 Lets Celebrate Community Growth

Posted by Valor on 10 June 2017 - 04:51 PM

Valor RO Community Growth
 To celebrate our community growth, Valor Ragnarok Online
267 account created, 522 charater, 2320 MVP Killed, 30 regular player online (ppl come and go...)
we are going to have new minigame: Celebration Event
On Event Start, 200 poring will be summoned and give random coins / points reward upon kills.
it also has 10% chance to kicked out participant from the event map. So... stay update Valorians !!

Changelog 10-06-2017 
  • Change WoE white pot box form 2 to 1 Valor Badge on BG shop
  • Fix Crimson spear cant be used by 3rd Job
  • Tradeable All in One Ring (Cash Shop)
  • Switch Eddga Doll Hat requirement from 100 Tiger foot 300 Tiger skin to 100 Tiger skin 300 Tiger foot
  • Disable mount in Bomb Poring Event
  • Savage Meat and Petite Tails drop chance increase to 1%
  • Fixed Rekenber Guard on Lighthalzen failed to warp
  • Fixed Bijou Card and Enhanced Amdarais Card bonus effect
  • Fixed Enhanced Soldier Skeleton Card description.
  • Fixed Jitterbug drops, more tooth and performer weapon.
  • Updated Nightmarish Jitterbug mob skills and database (mod).
  • Arclouse Dash and Tuna Belly now castable on ally.
  • Adding Special Ninja Suit[1] on Socket Enchant Liablem
  • Add 10 minute timelimit on Last Man Standing Event.
  • Fixed Battleground: damage overtime removed on reward claimer
  • New Card list on Old Card Album and Mystical Card Album
Now available download from Google Drive (Thanks to Lils)
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#98 Extra Card on Cards Album

Posted by Valor on 10 June 2017 - 04:04 PM

Old Card Album (additional - new cards)
 4446 // Enhanced Skeleton Card
4567 // Alphoccio Card
4568 // Celia Card
4569 // Chen Card
4570 // Flamel Card
4571 // Gertie Card
4572 // Randel Card
4573 // Trentini Card
4582 // Bungisngis Card
4583 // Engkanto Card
4584 // Mananaggal Card
4585 // Mangkukulam Card
4586 // Tikbalang Card
4587 // Tiyanak Card
4588 // Wakwak Card
4589 // Jejeling Card
4593 // Menblatt Card
4594 // Petal Card
4595 // Cenere Card
4596 // Antique Book Card
4597 // Lichtern Blue Card
4598 // Lichtern Green Card
4599 // Lichtern Red Card
4600 // Lichtern Yellow Card
4605 // Agony of Royal Knight Card
4606 // Grudge of Royal Knight Card
4608 // White Knight Card
4609 // Khalitzburg Knight Card
4607 // Faithful Manager Card
4626 // Big Ben Card
4627 // Big Bell Card
4628 // Neo Punk Card
4629 // Arc Elder Card
4630 // Time Keeper Card
4631 // Owl Viscount Card
4632 // Owl Marquess Card
4633 // Enhanced Archer Skeleton Card
4634 // Enhanced Soldier Skeleton Card
4635 // Enhanced Amdarais Card
4637 // Immortal Corps Card
4638 // Watcher Card
4639 // Taffy Card
4640 // Frozen Wolf Card
4641 // Zombie Guard Card
4653 // Nightmare Arclouse Card
4654 // Nightmare Mimic Card
4655 // Nightmare Minorous Card
4656 // Nightmare Mummy Card
4657 // Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card
4658 // Nightmare Verit Card
4659 // Eggring Card
4660 // Scout Basilisk Card
4661 // Charge Basilisk Card
4663 // Leaf Lunatic Card
4664 // Grass Fabre Card
4665 // Wild Hornet Card
4666 // Sweet Roda Frog Card
4667 // Hunter Wolf Card
4668 // Trance Spore Card
4669 // Jungle Mandragora Card
4670 // Fruit Pom Spider Card
4698 // Step Card
4699 // Rock Step Card
27012 // Kick Step Card
27013 // Kick & Kick Card
27014 // Green Cenere Card
27015 // Repair Robot Turbo Card
27016 // Exploration Rover Turbo Card
27017 // Scrap Robots Card
27018 // GC109 Card
27019 // DR815 Card
31016 // Evil Decorated Tree Card
31017 // Tyrannical Cookie Card
31018 // Evil Imbued Box Card
31019 // Spooky Spirit Card
31020 // Evil Cold Ghost Card
31021 // Dancing Marionette Card
31022 // Abandoned Teddy Bear Card

Mystical Card Album (additional - new cards)
 4458 // Duneyrr Card
4459 // Rata Card
4462 // Hardrock Mammoth Card
4463 // Tendrilrion Card
4557 // Weakened Fenrir Card
4559 // Evil Morroc Card
4575 // Soheon Card
4577 // Elvira Card
4579 // Warrior Lola Card
4581 // Rudo Card
4605 // Agony of Royal Knight Card
4606 // Grudge of Royal Knight Card
4608 // White Knight Card
4609 // Khalitzburg Knight Card
4631 // Owl Viscount Card
4632 // Owl Marquess Card
4642 // Infinite Toad Card
4643 // Infinite Vangabon Wolf Card
4644 // Infinite Vocal Card
4645 // Infinite Eclipse Card
4646 // Infinite Chimera Card
4647 // Infinite Osiris Card
4648 // Infinite Eddga Card
4649 // Infinite Phreeoni Card
4650 // Infinite Orc Hero Card
4651 // Infinite Tao Gunka Card
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#97 Devil Enchant Master

Posted by Valor on 08 June 2017 - 11:53 AM

Devil Enchant Master
 Weapon enchanter for Vicious Weapon and Glorious Weapon at battleground room (130,155).


The enchant process has 50% chance fail, but the slotted card and weapon will not be broken!

Require 1 Heroic Stone to perform enchantment with possibility:

Physical series:
Ambition1Lv: Atk +3%, Hit +3 | Ambition2Lv: Atk +6%, Hit +6 | Ambition3Lv: Atk +9%, Hit +9

Expect1Lv: Crit Damage +5%, Crit +3 | Expect2Lv: Crit Damage +10%, Crit +6
ArchLine1Lv: Long Range +5%, Aspd +1 | ArchLine2Lv: Long Range +10%, Aspd +1

Magical series:
Mercy1Lv: Matk +20, Heal +5%, Mdef +3 | Mercy2Lv: Matk +40, Heal +10%, Mdef +6 | Mercy3Lv: Matk +60, Heal +15%, Mdef +9

Tab1Lv: Matk +3%, Fixed Cast -0.1s | Tab2Lv: Matk +6%, Fixed Cast -0.1s | Tab3Lv: Matk +9%, Fixed Cast -0.1s

it also cost 1.000.000 zeny to reset the enchantment.

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#60 Valor Guard Arena Instance

Posted by Valor on 15 May 2017 - 10:52 AM

Posted Image

Valor Guard Arena Instance
 Party matched againts 1 random Valor Guard inside Arena.
You must finish the arena by killing the guard within 10 minute or else you lose and whole party kicked out of the arena.
Instance cooldown: 10 Minutes, reward applied to all party member

Reward for Win the Arena: 1 Mission Ticket, Valor Guard Drops
Bonus random reward for defeating the Valor Guard with 3 party member or less.
Bonus reward for defeating Valor Guard less than 5 minutes.

Valor Guard List
 Guillotine Cross Eremes (3220)

  • Cross Impact, Dark Illusion, Phantom Manace, Counter Slash, Dark Claw, Hallucination Walk
Arch Bishop Margaretha (3221)
  • Adoramus, Judex, Decrease Agi, Change Undead, Summon Slave, Lex Aeterna
Ranger Cecil (3222)
  • Fire Trap, Ice Trap, Arrow Storm, Aimed Bolt, Unlimit, Summon Warg
Mechanic Harword (3223)
  • Meltdown, Pilebunker, Axe Bomerang, Power Swing, Magma eruption, Axe TOrnado, Magic Decoy, Silver Sniper
Warlock Kathryne (3224)
  • Forst Misty, Safety Wall, Jack Frost, Chain Lightning, Crimson Rock, Hell Inferno, Soul Expansion, Earth Strain, Intense Telekinetis
Rune Knight Seyren (3225)
  • Death Bound, Stormblast, Ignition Break, Hundred Spear, Charge Attack, Sonic Wave, Dragon Howling, Crush Strike
Royal Guard Randel (3240)
  • Pinpoint Attack, Banishing Point, Canon Spear, Moonslasher, Genesis Ray, Reflect Shield, Earthdrive.
Genetic Flamel (3241)
  • Blood Sucker, Wall of Thorn, Crazy Weed, Hell Plants, Acid Demonstration, Thorn Trap, Mandragora Howl, Demonic Fire, Summon Dark Eira
Sorcerer Celia (3242)
  • Diamond Dust, Cloud Kill, Variety Spear, Soul Burn, Bolt, Heaven Drive, Dispel
Sura Chen (3243)
  • Flash Combo, Asura Strike, Windmill, Skynetblow, Earthshaker, Tiger Cannon, Howl of Lion, Rampage Blaster
Shadow Chaser Gertie (3243)
  • Storm Gust, Diamond Dust, Dark Illusion, Bloodlust, Triangle Shot, Weakness, Groomy, Ignorance, Unlucky, Reject Sword
Minstrel Alphoccio (3245)
  • Tarot Card of Fate, Metalic Sound, Harmonize, Deep Sleep, Severe Rainstorm, Frost Joke
Wanderer Trentini (3246)
  • Tarot Card of Fate, Arrow Vulcan, Voice of Siren, Wink of Charm, Severe Rainstorm

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#56 Temporal Boots Enchant

Posted by Valor on 14 May 2017 - 01:15 PM

Temporal Boots Enchant Valor RO version
 The Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells earned from doing the Old Glast Heim instance can be exchanged for Temporal Boots. You do not need to be level 130 or do the instance to upgrade Temporal Boots or enchant Stat Temporal Boots, if you have acquired the materials through other means, such as buying from other players.

Temporal Boots
  • Hugin's Butler (glast_01 210,273) will exchange 1 Temporal Crystal for a Temporal Boots.
  • These boots can be further upgraded to a specific Stat Temporal Boots in exchange for 5 Temporal Crystal.
  • The player has to be wearing the Temporal Boots to upgrade them.

Posted Image

Slotting Tempotal Boots
  • Hugin's Craftsman (glast_01 210/270) will slot a Stat Temporal Boots in exchange for 5 Temporal Crystals.
  • There is 30% chance to fail and break the Boots. Slotted Boots now can be further enchanted.
  • Slot attempt no longer reset the equipment refine and enchantment.
Enchanting Temporal Boots
  • Hugin's Magic Master (glast_01 212/273) can enchant the 3rd and 4th slots of Stat Temporal Boots using Coagulated Spell.
  • The player can select the nature of enchantment of the 4th slot.
  • Once enchanted the player can increase the level of the 4th slot enchantment 3 times in exchange for additional Coagulated Spells.
  • After a level 4 enchant, the 3rd slot can be enchanted with a random special enchantment.
  • Slot attempt on Enchanted Temporal Boots will no longer remove enchants.

Posted Image

Random Special Enchantment 
  • Bear's Power
    • When being physically attacked, adds a chance to proc +200 STR for 5 seconds and transforms into a Bigfoot. Consumes 500 HP/sec during activation.
  • Hawkeye
    • Adds a chance to proc +200 DEX for 5 seconds when physically attacking. Can be activated by skills, like Cart Cannon. Consumes 50 SP/sec during activation.
  • Lucky Day
    • When physically/magically attacking and being physically/magically attacked, adds a chance to proc +200 LUK for 5 seconds. Adds a chance to obtain a treasure box when killing monsters during activation.
  • Muscle Fool
    • When being physically attacked, adds a low chance to proc +200 VIT for 5 seconds, -50% ATK and MATK during activation.
  • Runaway Magic
    • When dealing magical damage, has a chance to proc +200 INT for 10 seconds. Consumes 200 SP/sec during activation.
  • Speed of Light
    • When physically attacking, has a chance to proc +100% ASPD and +100 Perfect Dodge for 5 seconds. Consumes 400 HP and 40 SP per second during activation.

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#51 Changelog 14-05-2017

Posted by Valor on 14 May 2017 - 02:51 AM

Change syalala lala... UUUuuuuu
  • Lowered break chance from 30% to 10% on
  • Arch Bishop Mora Gears - Master of Relic, Mora (96,74)
  • Warlock Mora Gears - Artifact Crafter, Mora (99,93)
  • Disable monstertalk and pettalk
  • Fix minor itemdb cant refine bow
  • Fix abuse-able Black Jack Dealer
  • Usable and misc Cash Shop item now tradeable
  • Add Name Change Coupon on Cash Shop list
  • Fixed Mechanic pallete error
  • Old GlastHeim: Add random reward coagulated spell from hugin
  • Add Manteau of The Fallen (20748,20749) on Gold Slot Machine
  • Add new words on Keyboard Warrior Event.
We are reaching new peak on 2nd week, Yaaaaay 34 players bravo Valor RO
*biasa aja kaleee
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#182 Basic to Basic Leveling Guide!

Posted by Cheese on 06 August 2017 - 05:58 AM

Hi I wanted to make this leveling guide soon as possible and so here it is to anyone who is new on Valor-RO

1. talk to Mrs. Anggie and read the rules ( you probably wont but okay ) get your freebies
p.s she'll boost you to the point you can just job change.

Posted Image

2. start off with picking a job you desire, the npc is next to Mrs.Anggie there are 11 classes
to choose from ( summoner being created as a summoner class imidiately ), as for STATS just
keep your DEX near your Base Level that way you wont have HIT issues.

Posted Image

3. Talk to the Newbie Supplier and get a starting weapon for your class and don't forget to equip
it and then talk to the Newbie Refiner ( sick +10 weapon )

Posted ImagePosted Image

4. Head out of the map ( or just @go 0 ) talk to the town helper ( Heal w/ Buffs ) and head to
Payon Dungeon and start grinding your EXP, as for skills i suggest getting your Offensive Skills!
you can kill the undead monsters with Heal just be sure you have NoShift on ( /ns <- command for NoShift )
Keep grinding on Payon Dungeon until Base Level 30 once you've reach that level you can head back
to Prontera ( or wherever your save point is ). Now you got some Offensive Skills head to Orc Dungeon
you can grind on orc dungeon till you reach job 50!

Posted Image

Posted Image

5. Once you're job 50, get your skills consume those sick 49 Skill Points to your desired Skills

and head over to the Job Master ( from where you start of or the Main Office ) Select the

2nd Job of your desire.

Posted Image

6. Now Head Back to Orc Dungeon ( yes AGAIN ) keep grinding till you've reach Base Level 71!!

Posted Image

7. Once you're 71 head to Eden ( or @go Eden ) talk to Secretary Lime Evenor and join the Eden Group.
Go talk to Instructor Ur ( choose "what are you doing here" and "okay ill try" ) since you're 71
he'll send you to Glast Heim St.Abbey to hunt 20 Wraiths and 10 Evil Druids.

Posted Image Posted Image

8. Before you head off to Glast Heim get some board quest! they are in the right side of the NPC's

choose Glast Heim and look at that Evil Druids & Wraith quest what a coincidence, get both of them

no need to get the others i guess if you want to its fine your choice.

Posted Image

9. Head to Glast Heim and Choose St.Abbey, once you've arrived at St.Abbey head out the Portal
you'll find Dispatched Instructor Johan she'll give you the first of two quest which is to hunt 20 Wraiths, Go
inside St.Abbey and start killing 10 Evil druid / 10 Wraith first ( Bring green potions these guys will blind you 24/7 if you dont have flee )
once you've hunted the first 10 Evil Druid / Wraith head back to Eden and turn in them in the board for EXP!
my advice just turn in the evil druid first then retake it, once you've retaken it turn in the wraiths quest.

Posted Image

10. Head back to Glast Heim again hunt the 10 remaining wraiths and evil druids you can check it through Alt+U to open the Quest Tab

once you've finish the first 20 wraiths head back to Instructor Johan she'll give you EXP and ask you to Kill 10 evil druids.

once you're done with the 10 evil druids head back to Johan she'll congratulate you for finishing the task and ask you to head back to

Eden to talk with Instructor Ur.

Posted Image

11. Talk to Instructor Ur he'll congratulate you and ask you to talk to Blacksmith Thorn and get your Equipment
talk to Blacksmith Thorn and choose the option "give me new equipment" and "i have enough space" and you can choose the weapon of your
choice if the option appears for you, you now have a decently better set that you can use for a while, talk to Weapon Expert BK
he'll buff your weapon with 3% ATK or MATK.

Posted Image
Posted Image

12. Head back to Ur and ask for the next training! he'll send you to Ice Dungeon to kill Siroma's, lets not forget board quest!

choose the 91-99 board quest choose "Rachel/Veins" and you'll see Siroma get the quest and also get the Glast Heim quest

take everything Dark Priest / Injustice / Rybio.

Posted Image

13. Now head to ice dungeon talk to the Dispatched Instructor she'll ask you to kill the first 30 Siroma! ( don't turn them in just finish it )

Posted Image

14. Head to Glast Heim Underground Prison start hunting Injustice & Rybio 30 of each fairly easy to say the least

once you've finished Injustice and Rybio head to Glast Heim Churchyard ( P.S if you have any undead/shadow armor better wear them here )

now you hunt 30 Dark Priest ( hope you have ASPERSIO you're gonna need it ) you'll be going back to town mostly cause of dark breath

& undead attribute change, so get your shadow armor if you have one if not just keep going spam skills on Dark Priest doesn't matter just

kill them fast as possible simple as that ( if a book drops keep it its for rideword hat if you plan to make one ).

Posted Image Posted Image

15. Once you've finish most of the following.
Siroma quest 30/30 ( dispatched instructor )
Siroma quest 30/30 ( eden board )
Injustice quest 30/30 ( eden board )
Rybio quest 30/30 ( eden board )
Dark Priest 30/30 ( eden board )
Note "i repeat and say DO NOT TURN THEM IN no matter what!!"
if you have all the following quest ready to be turned in you must have realized you're either 99/50 or 99/70 or 99/99

16.Congratulations you are now 1 step closer to Transcendent/Rebirth ( for the Original 6 ) as for the Special

Classes ( Ninja/Gunslinger/Super Novice ) once you've reach 99/70 ( for Ninja/Gunslinger ) and 99/99 ( for Super Novice )

maybe you noticed or maybe not i didn't mention Soul Linker / Star Gladiator as they will have their own 2nd Job as it was Leaked

you may still go make one and level them to 99/50 but that's as far as they will go.

Go to the JOB MASTER in the Main Office and Rebirth ( do not turn in the quest im telling you DO NOT turn them in yet )

congratulations you are now a rebirth class or 2nd Expanded class ( rebel / kagerou / oboro / Expanded Super Novice )

Posted ImagePosted Image

17.From here you are a HIGH NOVICE and you'll actually have to kill to reach job 10 this time head to Payon Dungeon kill a zombie or something

once you're job 10 head to the job master and job change to HIGH < Insert Class Here >, you can now use a field manual to rush a bit of experience

do step 4 again till you reach job 50 then head back to the job master and job change to your transcendent class.

Posted Image

18. Now you're a transcendent class head to ice dungeon turn in the Siroma Quest to Dispatched Instructor Naomi, then head to Eden and turn in
everything from 91-99 Board Quest ( it'll turn in once since you'll be base 91 you'll have to turn in the quest manually from here )
congratulations you are now 99/70 talk to the job master and change to 3rd job!!

Posted Image

19. While you're in the Main Office talk to Knight Krieger he'll give you 10 Gold coins, Odin's Blessing, Vidar's Boots & Vali's Manteau Equip Set

your specific 3rd job headgear, Green Apple Ring and a Weapon Ticket ( can be used on @go mall beginer weapon NPC )

Posted Image

And so ends your race from 1 to 99~
Good Luck B) B) B)
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