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NEWS Jan 06, 2018
Changelog 06-01-2018
First New Year Changelog 06-01-2018  This New Year 2018, Little Valor Angel has comeback to town with new year spirit. trade your capsule doll droped from mosnter to her and get exchange of gold..
NEWS Dec 14, 2017
Changelog 14-12-2017
Changelog 14-12-2017     New Instance: Airship Raid Instance Min level: 125 Cooldown: 23 hours Airship and Tarlock Armor drops. Lowered item price on Captain Tarlock at mall. Infinite Spac..
NEWS Nov 30, 2017
Merry Christmas Valorians
Merry Christmas Valorians  Welcome December, goodbye Hellowow. Ho ho ho....Santa is coming to town !! Here we come Christmas Event start from 1st Dec 2017 until 31st December 2017. New headgears..
NEWS Nov 14, 2017
Changelog 14-11-2017
Changelog 14-11-2017  Extended Hellowow until the end of november and small update. Emperium breaker guild will be rewarded 50 siege coins at the end of WoE. (need futher test) Guild castle holde..
NEWS Nov 07, 2017
Premium Foods (Patch)
Premium Food available on Chef Warbong at battleground room. Same as genetic foods +20 stat but it has 1 hour duration, stack with cooking food or cash food +10 stats. Effect removed only when durati..
ThGreen Kills: 726
NausicaMore Kills: 713
Nesha Kills: 593
Silversky Kills: 405
Jsie Kills: 353